Soul Retrieval & Power Animal Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

When a Soul Retrieval & Power Animal Retrieval are needed:

Shamanic practitioner’s healing work is performed on the three Spiritual aspect of illness.

A person may have 1) lost his or her power, 2) have blockages or negative energies within themselves and/or 3) have soul loss by a trauma causing part of their soul essence to leave.  The practitioner traces the source of the problem, restores the soul essence and power and/or extracts the negative energies.  These three areas are explained more below.

The three Spiritual areas of illness are:

1. Power Loss can be accentuated by:

  • chronic illnesses
  • depression
  • feelings of unworthiness
  • many recurring misfortunes or accidents.

A Shaman’s task is to journey and restore the person’s lost power doing a Power Animal Retrieval.

This animal is your protector guiding you to renewed energy bringing forth your innate talents. I will teach you how to use your Power Animal to benefit your life purpose.

2. A person can have negative or blocked spiritual energies within themselves. They can be localized within specific areas in the body causing illness. The shaman’s task is to remove these energies extracting them from the body doing a Power Animal Retrieval and / or Soul Retrieval. See also Spiritual Intrusions & Extraction.

3. A person may have lost part of his or her soul or essence creating Soul Loss.

Soul Loss is a result of traumas: abuse, divorce, rape, incest, loss of a loved one, surgery, accidents, a miscarriage, combat stress or other traumas causing shock.

Symptoms of Soul Loss are ‘spaciness,’ apathy, depression, fatigue, PTSS, addictions, chronic illnesses, something missing in your life, memory gaps and/or a lack of life purpose.

The Shaman’s role is to track and retrieve the soul parts, your soul essence, doing a Soul Retrieval. Retrieving your soul essence, brings back your vitality and zest for life. It restores your life energy returning balance & harmony into your life.