House, Office & Land Clearings

House, Office & Land Clearings

House, Office & Land Clearings – A personal Experience

I have been conducting house, office & land clearings since 1993. I have traveled to counties surrounding Madison and to the Milwaukee Wisconsin area. My first experience was clearing the house that we bought. I couldn’t sleep, meditate, relax and was agitated all the time. I thought I would contact my Shamanic teacher and his psychic girlfriend & they could come and clear my house. I contacted my friend, a spiritual psychic, she told me I needed to clear it myself! Connecting with my spirit guides, I followed their instructions and cleared the negative chaotic abusive energy from our house. I have been clearing other client’s properties since then so I know what they are experiencing having experienced it myself with our home.

When House, Office & Land Clearings are Needed

Some examples of needing a house, office and / or land clearing are: negative energy, feeling cold areas within your house, counterclockwise &/or electromagnetic energy causing imbalance, feeling ungrounded and can’t concentrate, beginning projects and never finishing them, irritability, moodiness and /or fear, seeing or feeling dead spirits, unusual things occurring: lights or fans going on and off, hearing footsteps or voices, bruises appearing on your body, your animal(s) behaviors in the house or on the property changing.

Animals can see dead spirits and they can become scared, aggressive, begin urinating or defecating inappropriately and other unusual behaviors. The land the house is built on can have trauma(s) going back hundreds of years that complicate the energy of the house or business.

Clearing Negative Energy from Houses and Businesses

I have cleared homes and their property that do not sell on the real estate market. After the clearings, the homes sold. Business clearings have expedited the success of their business rather than the previous stagnation.

I have cleared negative energy from houses and businesses that involved spirits that died during North Americans and soldier wars, Native American burial grounds, homes built on cemeteries, people dying within their homes or their property and did not cross over, horse farms, Astro beings with vortexes and homes that do not sell on the real estate market. After the clearings, the homes sold.

House Clearings Performed

I receive specific information from the client then connect with my Spirit guides before going to the property as to what energy work to do. I receive more information once I have walk their property and do the specific healing extracting and releasing whatever is not beneficial for the well-being of the people and animals in the house and on the land. It may take 3 to 5 hours for a clearing to occur.