Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing

Our bodies hold all of our ancestors recurring patterns; their traumas, abusive behaviors, incest, addictions, failures and poor health issues. The universal life force holds all of these energy imprints in our family tree, our lineage. They are passed down to us in this lifetime either consciously or unconsciously.

People calling events “bad luck“ financially or other, or have reoccurring accidents repeatedly are stuck in the traits and imprints of their Ancestral lineage. These generational health & behavioral imprints need to be released to clear the ancestral traumas that directs our present actions in our current life.

I had one client for a healing that consciously knew of some of the abuse and recurring patterns of his ancestors. He also knew he needed to be the one that would break that cycle. He knew he could go on to succeed in a new profession and a new way of living spiritually. He had become a robot in his current mindless job knowing it was due to his family lineage. Their past career failures were burdening him so he was trapped in their repetitive patterns.

I conduct several different healing techniques that break these wounding cycles. Once broken, these ancestral imprints will no longer inform the body to repeat these same behaviors. One then can move on in their path in balance & harmony.

It may take several sessions preforming an illumination, soul retrieval, spiritual releasing of dead relatives and extraction.

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