Long Distance Healings

Long Distance Healing

Long Distance Healings Capabilities & Limitations

I prefer to see patients in person as it is more beneficial and more powerful for them. If that is not possible, I will set up a specific phone appointment time with them. I will interview the client as to what issues they want to heal. Then I will have the person be in a restful state while I begin connecting with my Spiritual teachers, power animals and guides. They will determine what healing needs to be done and send that energy to the person. Afterwards, I will call them to discuss the work.  I can do soul retrievals, power animal retrievals, animal healings and simple extractions via long distance healings.

Long Distance Healings for Client That Moved

When a previous house clearing and animal healing client moved to a different city with her dog who also had issues, I did another house clearing and animal healing for them. This was an unusual situation as I preferred to do my healing energy work in person and/or on their property for house clearings.

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