If you feel stuck or stagnated in your life, depressed, emotionally numb and/or hopeless, an illumination will assist in removing these wounding obstacles from your body. These negative imprints are focused around your chakras, your energy centers, within your body.

There is a universal life energy field around you: your aura. This field holds all of your innate knowledge of this lifetime and your past lives. This energic field also holds all of the imprinted traumas: past karmic actions, abusive relationships, rejections, abandonments and / or other ancestral issues in your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

As a practitioner, I will check your chakras seeing which energy centers are affected. With your focused breath and intention, you may identify by seeing and/or feeling what is occurring in each chakra. You can thus guide these stagnate energies out of your chakras thus releasing the negative imprints. I will guide you as needed but you are in charge of releasing them thus becoming your own Master.

This ancient Illumination technique has been used by the Inca Tradition. Once these old imprints are released, they no longer will affect your past or your family lineage. You can then pursue your future in peace & balance.

An illumination may be used in conjunction with other energy work: soul retrieval, power animal retrieval and / or extraction healing & prior to Ancestral Healing.