Shamanism & Shamanic Healing


Shamanism has been used for antiquity by indigenous civilizations around the world. It is an ancient healing tradition that connects with nature and all of creation. Shamanism is not only concerned with the individual’s health but also with the health of the entire community including all people, plants, animals & everything on Earth. It encircles the belief that shamans are intermediaries & receive messages between the spirit world & the human world.

Shamanism is not a religion and religious beliefs do not interfere with Shamanism.



According to anthropologists, the word shaman originates from the Tungus tribe in Siberia. Shamans have been called the ‘wounded healers’ by Kalweit (‘Kalweit, Holger, et al. Dreamtime & inner space: the world of the shaman. Shambhala, 1988).  He states it is a sickness that is understood as a process of purification…according to modern views, illness disrupts and endangers life, whereas the shaman experiences his sickness as a call to restructure this life within himself so as to hear, see and live it more fully and completely in a higher state of awareness. Shamans treat ailments & illness by mending the Spiritual soul. They are intermediaries that receive communication between the human world & the spirit world. To practice modern day Shamanism, one needs to relinquish the ego; sorting through one’s internal baggage, releasing it and thus be an open vessel to receive higher consciousness messages which come from the Spirit World of guides, teachers and power animals.

Shamanic Healing Session

A session consists of initially receiving a detailed description of the client’s specific area(s) of concerns that brought them. The Shamanic practitioner then “journeys into non-ordinary reality” receiving messages from Spirit Teachers to see what healing is needed. Traumas affect the soul & spirit of people, animals &/or within their communities causing disease & imbalance. The Shaman’s task is to track the symptoms on the mental, physical & emotional levels locating the core issues that have the client unbalanced thus releasing the imprints on the spiritual level. Shamans assist in bringing back balance, healing & harmony to the people, their communities & to all in Nature. In each session, I do preventative teaching and counseling on numerous holistic approaches. The topics differ depending on the issues the clients bring forth.

Shamanic Healing Sessions may consist of: Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval, Extractions, Spiritual Releasement, &/or Ancestral Healing. A House & Land clearing may also be needed. See Home Page & links for specific info.