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My Goal as a Healer is to teach you to find the Master Within “Empowering You to Fly” – Dawn Feneht, Shamanic Practitioner


Shamanism & Shamanic Healing

Shamanism has been used for antiquity by indigenous civilizations around the world describing their spiritual practices. Shamanism is a way of life that is ancient in its healing traditions. More on Shamanism & Shamanic Healing.

Soul Retrieval & Power Animal Retrieval

Soul retrieval returns lost soul parts, the clients essence thus restoring one’s wholeness and purpose in life. Power Animal Retrieval returns one’s lost power. More about Soul Retrieval & Power Animal Retrieval

Spiritual Intrusions & Extraction

Releases negative thought forms and energy blocks from your being from this lifetime and / or past lives. More about Spiritual Intrusions & Extractions

House Office & Land Clearings

Property clearings release negativity, other energies and /or spirit entities known as earth bounds from your property. More about House or Property clearings

Animal Healings

Animal healings is similar to working with people. More about Animal Healings

Long Distance Healing

Long Distance Healing sessions can be scheduled when a client cannot be seen in person. More about Long Distance Healings

Compassionate Spirit Releasing

Compassionate Spirit Releasing releases spirit beings that are usually dead and have entered your body that changes your behavior and actions that harm your well-being. More about Compassionate Spirit Releasing

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing journeys back into your ancestral lineage to see what patterns you may be bringing forth into this lifetime. More about Ancestral Healing


Illuminations look at the center of energy, your chakras, or other areas within your body that are blocked and in pain to release them. More about Illuminations

Other Healing Work


Reiki uses Universal Life Force (ULF) energy which is all around us. More about Reiki

Crystal & Stone Healing

Crystal and Stone Layouts on the Body creates Healing. More about Crystal & Stone Healing


shamanic healing
Dawn Feneht
Shamanic Practitioner

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